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Here A Moose! There A Moose! Everywhere A Moose!

MooseDrive along most any road in northern New Hampshire road and you may spot a moose or two. The gangly beasts can stand well over six feet at the shoulder and can top the scales at more than 1,000 pounds. They feed and drink near lakes, streams, and boggy areas. Look for their wallows in areas along the roads that are marshy, muddy, and trampled. In springtime, they like to lick the salt from the roads. Moose are most often seen in the early morning and early evening. Early May until mid-October is prime moose viewing season.

Moose are often spotted on the two major highways in Twin Mountain and Bretton Woods. Cruise along Route 3 from Franconia Notch north into Twin Mountain or take a ride along Route 302 between Twin Mountain and Crawford Notch.

Scenic nighttime moose tours that last 3 to 4 hours are offered in several locations around the region. Although there is no guarantee you'll see a moose, the tours do have remarkable success rates (in the mid to high 90% range) as the knowledgeable guides have scoped out the best moose viewing locations. Along with moose, you might also spot deer, eagles, osprey, bears and raccoons.

Gorham Moose Tours: June 1 - September 30.

North Conway Moose Safari Tours: May 24 - October 2.

Pemi Valley Moose Tours, Lincoln: May 21 - September 24.

Moose Watching Tips

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