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Kimberly and Barry fell in love with the idea of innkeeping when they spent their honeymoon in New England. They stayed in B&Bs from Boston to Bangor and eventually decided that that was what they wanted to do. It took a dozen years to work it out, but they're here now. They moved from Salt Lake City to New Hampshire to make their dream a reality. 

As avid lovers of the great outdoors and originally from small towns themselves, they seem right at home here in the heart of the White Mountains. They love to ski (both downhill and Nordic), snowshoe, swim and above all, HIKE! They hike everywhere they go, from jungles to 10,000'+ peaks.

Combined, they raised seven children, so when Kimberly is asked if they've run an inn before, she's quick to reply, "I've been running an inn for 30 years!"

Their love of people and comfortable ways make guests feel welcome and right at home. To them, it's just hosting
friends in their home that they just haven't met yet.

The Owners

Joel and Cathy Bedor are the current owners of this romantic country inn and restaurant.

Environmentally Friendly

At Adair, green is our favorite color. It's in our logo, stationery, green towel cording, hall wallpaper and numerous gardens...

It is also symbolic of our approach to the environment.

Our Green program consists of:
  • Adair is recycling all of its cans, plastic and bottles, newspaper and magazines.
  • We minimize the use of fertilizers, pesticides and encourage the growth of indigenous plants.
  • In an effort to reduce the amount of water and laundry detergent used daily to wash our towels and linens, we have begun to provide our guests the option of reusing their towels or requesting fresh ones. Our hope is that we can reduce the amount of phosphates and wastewater entering our septic field.
  • We provide reusable items such as cloth napkins, glasses, ceramic mugs and dishes and limit the use of paper and other throw-aways. Our stationery is printed on recycled paper as much as possible.
  • Adair is energy conscious with plans to upgrade to energy efficient lighting wherever possible, installing Energy Star appliances and exterior light sensors and using timed lighting.
  • We have a clean air program, inviting guests to leave windows open and breathe the fresh mountain air instead of using air conditioners. We are a non-smoking inn.
  • As a registered tree farm, we take forest management seriously. Our forester has developed a plan to harvest overgrown stands of trees, planted new seedlings in areas recently cut, and "opened up" mature apple trees on the property to attract insects and wildlife. Additional efforts to attract butterflies, songbirds and small animals are in various stages of implementation, for example we have removed all barbed wire on our property and do not allow hunting of wildlife.


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